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At Rustico we offer a large variety of handcrafted sourdough loaves, turkish loaves, ciabatta, paninis, baguettes, burger brioche slider buns, dinner rolls, bagels and much more. Our products are baked on site daily to ensure premium quality and freshness is maintained.

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Rustico has been shaped, formed and preserved since 2005 by a wonderfully diverse group of people who share a common value of hard work, dedication to excellence, and pride in producing authentic sourdough loaves for the community.


Rustico is committed to sourcing practices that support regenerative agriculture and the farmers practicing it. All our flour and ingredients come from local South Australian and Australian regional mills and farmers.


Flour, water, salt and leavening agents are all that is needed to make a basic food that has fed the world for thousands of years. While each region, village, and household may have developed its own approach, bread has remained a common thread of humanity. In the hands of craftsmen this basic food becomes extraordinary.

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